Angelea Preston confirms ‘ANTM’ win

    More than a year after her mysterious exit from the “America’s Next Top Model” All-Star edition, Angelea Preston is confirming what many already suspected.

    “The assumption is correct. I did indeed win Cycle 17,” Angelea recently told

    It was December 2011 when, after weeks of tuning in, Angelea was unexpectedly disqualified from the competition. She’d advanced to the final three, but the network announced that an alternate ending, excluding Angelea, was shot and aired.

    Lisa D’Amato, who recently scarred herself in a freak accident, was declared the winner.

    The CW wouldn’t clarify what happened and Angelea was mum. Although some reported that she was let go because she posted news about the show’s outcome before it aired, Angelea said that’s not the case.

    “No, I did not blab on Facebook or Twitter,” she said. “That would be something stupid. The prizes were so incredible for that one cycle. Are you kidding me? I would not mess that up by going on Twitter and going on Facebook.”

    Many speculated that Angelea may have been pregnant, and the mother of one never denied that was the reason for her ousting. However, she hasn’t officially confirmed that either.

    Angelea admitted that the whole debacle changed her opinion of the show and hurt her feelings. After telling fans that the series accepts girls from all walks of life, Angelea felt her disqualification was hypocritical.

    “The reason why it was taken away from me is hypocrisy,” she said. “What you guys said to me is saying, ‘Well hey, we do say that all girls are beautiful and all girls are lovely…but Angelea, no. Because of your past and what you’ve done, you’re the exception. It’s like your show is saying something and doing something totally different," she said.

    Those who still aren’t satisfied that they know all that happened with Cycle 17 may find out in Angelea’s autobiography.

    “I’m trying to write a book about my whole life and that part of my life is definitely, I mean, my life is already interesting even before. ‘Top Model,’ I guess if you want to say, made me who I am or gave me my platform, but I guess that’s the part everybody wants to know. They want to know the real story,” she said.

    See photos of Angelea and her Cycle 17 co-stars.


    —Tracy L. Scott


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