Erica Campbell anxious about Mary Mary split

    Erica Campbell admitted that she’s a little nervous about taking a break from Mary Mary and doing her own thing.

    “Of course there’s anxiety with us stepping out to do different things. We’ve been joined at the hip for the last 12 years, and so now we’re taking chances and doing different stuff,” Erica told Sister 2 Sister.

    The duo, actual sisters who just picked up a Grammy Award for their song “Go Get It,” has toyed with the idea of splitting before, and now they’re venturing forth separately. However, they’ll still be working on projects to satisfy their fans.

    “You can expect music from me, possibly a children’s book and children’s music from Tina [Campbell]. I think she wants to just take a break and breathe,” explained Erica, who is anxious, but still looking forward to a new phase of her career.

    “I’m excited about doing something different. You gotta flip it up every now and again. It’s been 12 years, so it’s time to flip it around,” she said.

    Fans may miss seeing the ladies together, especially after tuning in to their reality show on WE tv. Before that, Erica and Tina were judges on BET’s “Sunday Best.” They did all that while working on music and raising families.

    “We’ve just been so busy. We never stop, ever, baby after baby, album after album, show after show, and I think everyone just needs to recharge and breathe. So, that’s what we’re going to do,” she said.

    What does Erica think of her “Mary Mary” critics? Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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