‘Single Ladies’ stars excited for season 3

    The stars of “Single Ladies” don’t know what to expect from season 3, but that isn’t stopping them from being hype about what’s in store.

    “It’s so hush-hush,” Denise Vasi told Sister 2 Sister at the Essence magazine Women in Music event. “We’re gearing up to go back to Atlanta and start season 3, which is really, really exciting.”

    Season 3 of the VH1 drama will be Denise’s second on the show. While she was a new element for season 2, the upcoming season brings a team of new writers that the actors will have to get used to.

    There’s “a little bit of anxiety,” admitted LisaRaye McCoy, who’s been with the show since its first season.

    “I don’t know what to expect. We have a new showrunner. We have a new staff of writers. I’m excited to see what they’re going to do with this new voice,” said Lisa who’s going to just stay focused on delivering as an actress.

    “When you have writers it’s all about how you’re breathing life into that character,” she said. “My job is to breathe life into the words and do what they hired me to do, which is the acting. So, I’ll stick to staying in my lane.”

    The show’s creator, Stacey Littlejohn, announced in September that she’d be leaving the show.

    “I wish ‘Single Ladies’ all the best and will continue to tune in Monday nights to see what my girls have been up to,” Stacy told Deadline.com about her decision to leave the show.

    Although there are changes coming, Denise said fans can expect the “Single Ladies” they know and love.

    “Expect hot guys, lots of sex, crazy fashion and a great show about friendship,” she said.

    How does Lisa see her character evolving next season? Watch.




    See Lisa, Denise, Jennifer Williams, Jill Scott and more on the Women in Music red carpet!

    —Tracy L. Scott



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