Leslie H. learned from ‘The Bachelor’

    Leslie H. is back to her bubbly self after coming home from her experience on "The Bachelor."

    This season has seen Sean Lowe sifting through a pool of lovely – and interesting – ladies in the hopes of finding his wife.

    One woman popped out of her limo in a wedding dress. Another came determined to turn Sean into her own personal Christian Grey. Notably for brown girls who watch the show, there were four Black women that came to the mansion to compete for his heart. This was a pretty big change from previous seasons, where there might be one or two (if any) chocolate chips in the bowl.

    The diversity wasn’t lost on Leslie Hughes. "To have different ethnicities, it wasn’t about what color we are, it’s about who we are as a person," she said, speculating on whether casting directors for the show will stick with the trend.  "I’ll be curious to see if it continues on [‘The Bachelor’] or if it was just after what he was looking for."

    Leslie H. immediately dazzled Sean with her smile and they definitely seemed to have a moment upon first meeting. Alas, she had to wait a while before getting a solo date, where she was gifted with a pair of diamond earrings and a shopping spree in Beverly Hills. 

    The day alone with Sean was like a scene right out of her favorite movie, Pretty Woman. Surprisingly, that was a lot of pressure for Leslie. "It was a little stressful and nerve-racking. I’m very open and very bubbly, but I was overwhelmed," Leslie revealed to S2S, noting that she still wouldn’t have changed a thing about her date. "It was awesome, though. It was one of the best memories I’ve ever had."

    Unfortunately, the night didn’t end so well, as Sean sent Leslie home mid-date because he wasn’t feeling any romantic connection. "I totally did not see me leaving that night. I thought I was going to be there until the end for sure," Leslie told S2S. Some women might have avoided tuning in for the episode in which they were dumped, but Leslie found it helpful. "It was actually good for me to watch it, and see what he thought and his feelings. And it kind of brought closure."

    Being on the show is tough for anyone since the contestants really have to rely on each other for entertainment and communication. Don’t expect to curl up with that book you’ve been dying to read or passing the time with some Monopoly. "The only thing we’re allowed to have is a bible and journal," Leslie revealed. "With that being said you really [have time] to work on yourself."

    She added, "You know you’re cut off from the world when you’re filming that show. And you really just have to focus on you and what you truly want out of life. And what you want out of your partner."

    After leaving "The Bachelor" she’s still looking for the right guy.

    "I’ve been dating here and there, but I’m very picky," Leslie confessed. "People don’t ask me out in L.A. They’re either really, really old and married or they’re just complete douche bags."  Diamonds on the first date aside, most guys have a pretty tough act to follow when it comes to Leslie’s love life.

    "[Sean’s] an amazing man, and he set the bar so high. You should just never settle because there are still great people out there," said Leslie, who has a good handle on what she’s looking for in a guy. Ideally, she’d want Mr. Right to be "Christian, funny, doesn’t take life too seriously; a well-rounded man, but definitely family-oriented."

    Sean seems to fit that description well, but Leslie’s not spending her nights agonizing over any of the decisions she made—like not making out with him on the first night like some of the thirstier contestants.

    "I don’t have any regrets," said Leslie. "God has other fish in the sea. This wasn’t meant for me." 



    —Sonya Eskridge




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