Meagan Good: Hold out for the right person

    Now that they’ve gotten hitched, Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin have some advice for people still waiting for The One.

    Don’t be with just anyone just to say you have someone.

    Ever since the couple announced their engagement, Meagan and DeVon have made it no secret that their love of God is what brought them together and allowed them to build a strong bond. When they dropped by One Church International yesterday, they brought words of encouragement for the packed crowd, which was mostly made of singles.

    Being solo can be a little rough for some folks, and many wind up taking anyone that will have  them just to not be single. Such an approach to dating and relationships is usually a huge mistake. The newlyweds shared that if you’re willing to "wait upon the Lord" in love, they believe it will be worth it. 

    "If you settle, you will never be as happy as you could be," Meagan said. "When you are obedient you get excited about the wait. Spend time being excited about what your purpose is. Be excited about who you are supposed to be."

    Her handsome hubby advised the guys to look for something more in a mate than just a pretty face. "A man of substance committed to God will find the right heart that God has for him. As a man, you’ll get beyond someone who is just attractive," said DeVon, who celibate for about a decade before he married Meagan last June.

    DeVon, a producer and senior vice president at Columbia TriStar pictures, pointed out that this is a lesson everyone eventually learns.

    "If you go out with someone who is beautiful but there’s no substance there, you’ll get tired of that," he said. "At a certain point God will allow you to keep dating the same type in order to show you that you have to go after what He’s called you to go after."
    Check out shots from Meagan and DeVon’s big day below!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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