Porsha Stewart defends ‘controlling’ hubby

    Her husband sometimes cuts her off when she’s speaking, issues orders that he fully expects her to follow and prefers his wife at home, but Porsha Stewart disagrees with those who consider her hubby a bit controlling.

    “It’s called a marriage,” she tweeted after “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans started commenting on the way Kordell Stewart interacts with his wife.

    He’s nearly 10 years her senior, and it seems he believes there’s a certain amount of wisdom that comes with age, and he effortlessly doles it out. Of course, Porsha does go to her hubby for advice. So, Kordell can’t really be blamed for having it at the ready when she asks.

    However, some viewers have commented on the way he offers his encouragement and support.

    “Your husband better check himself!!! Gross the way he controls you, a real man will not get involved in petty women drama, just weird!” wrote one BravoTV.com commenter.

    “Cordel! What the hell is his problem. He’s like a woman getting all in her business. I find that odd. And he is WAY TOO controlling. Why do you give him that much power. That’s what happens when you don’t have your own money. You get controlled!” wrote another who didn’t like the way Kordell confronted Cynthia Bailey about her disagreement with Porsha.

    Cynthia obviously didn’t care for his interference much either. She jokingly referred to him as “dad,” after he told the women that their drama was getting on his “damn nerves.”

    “Kordell always has these Kordell-isms,” Cynthia said. “Kordell’s just going to have to let Porsha be a big girl and fight her own battles, and I’m not really sure why he is even in this conversation at this point, and it’s starting to come off as a little controlling.”

    Cynthia’s “RHOA” BFF, NeNe Leakes, cosigned: “Somebody is really sounding controlling!”

    However, it doesn’t really matter how others feel about Kordell and Porsha’s romance because the housewife seems more than satisfied with the state of their marriage. Although some suggested it mimics that of a parent-child relationship, Porsha joked that she doesn’t mind that.

    “he’s both I call him daddy! lol,” she wrote.

    See Porsha’s tweets below.


    Watch Kordell check Cynthia below.


    Kordell doesn’t think Porsha’s ready for kids.

    Find out more about Porsha and Kordell below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you think Kordell tries to control Porsha? If so, should Porsha continue to roll with it or speak up for herself? Leave your comments below.


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