Rockmond Dunbar and Salli Richardson Whitfield talk ‘Pastor Brown’

    The Lifetime movie Pastor Brown, is set to answer the age old question: Can a lost child of God really find forgiveness?  
    Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Rockmond Dunbar will be heading up the cast of Pastor Brown, which is an updated twist on the tale of the prodigal son. Not only is the story adapted for modern times, but it’s been flipped on its head by centering on a wayward daughter named Jesse (played by Salli).

    "She somehow really lost her way and was stripping." Salli told S2S of her character, who grew up as a preacher’s kid. Jesse is suddenly called back home when her father falls ill and she tasked with leading the church that she left so many years before. Although things get off to a rough start, Salli said, "I think that she finds her way back to who she is supposed to be and her true life.

    Despite it’s setting in the church, Salli feels that Pastor Brown is anything but preachy. Although it does have a great lesson for viewers that are still trying to find their way in life.

    "There’s a lot of lost people in this world right now, and a lot of young girls and women. And I think it’s a wonderful story and a good message for anyone: No matter how many mistakes you have made in your life, you can always do better and make better choices."

    She added, "It’s never too late."

    But Jesse isn’t alone on her journey to doing better. Rockmond Dunbar plays her man Amir. "He helps me," said Salli. "This is probably the first positive man she’s met in her life in years."

    Aside from being the lucky love interested, Rockmond also took on a pivotal behind the scenes as the director. It’s his first time directing a feature film, and Salli thinks he did an amazing job handling both sides of the production process.

    "You just have to be really prepped and ready to go, and that’s something that Rockmond was. I never felt like it was a hinderance in any way. He seemed to really know what he was doing," Salli commended. "This was his first film and you would never know that."

    For his part Rockmond acknowledged that he had a great cast to work with, too!  "We got some really, really, really great talent that some people are used to seeing," said Rockmond, "but we have a couple of really great, talented [actors] that people are not aware of.

    He joked, "Like this kid Rockmond Dunbar. He just comes out of nowhere and really shines!" The film also stars Monica,  Nicole Ari-Parker, Tasha Smith and Tisha Campbell-Martin.

    Pastor Brown airs February 16 on Lifetime at 8 pm, the same night that Beyonce debuts her new documentary Life Is But A Dream on HBO.

    If you absolutely have to choose between watching Pastor Brown or Beyonce, both Rockmond and Salli suggest that you DVR the diva. "If our numbers do well for Pastor Brown, more than likely the movie will turn into a TV series," Rockmond revealed.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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