Life lessons from Beyoncé’s ‘Life Is But A Dream’

    Beyonce Documentary Premiere

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    Beyoncé really opened up in her documentary Life Is But A Dream. But while watching the film we noticed that we could learn a thing or two from Beyoncé.

    1. Business and polite don’t mix

    People will only do what you allow them to do. If you allow them to walk all over you, they will. In business, sometimes you may have to get a little tough. That does’t give you license to be rude, though.

    2. Marry your best friend

    There’s a different between being independent and being alone. An independent woman knows how to handle business on her own if need be, she doesn’t shut others out emotionally.

    This leaves room in her life for friends, family and romance. If you’re lucky enough to find a man that loves you, understands you, makes you laugh, supports you, respects you and spoils you, don’t let him go.

    3. Don’t be afraid to speak up for what you want
    One thing we noticed on Life Is But A Dream is that not everyone listens to Beyoncé right away. And if she’s got to speak up a couple of times to get what she wants, she has no problem doing that. It doesn’t even matter if that means a complete set redesign!

    4. Success does not happen overnight

    Beyoncé’s everywhere doing everything these days. She’s music’s resident super woman!  But it took here at least two decades to get to this point. Home video that she shared with fans in Life Is But A Dream showed that she was working on her harmonies back in grade school and her vocals were tight!

    5. You need your girls
    Girls might be running the world, but women still need to look out for each other. Whether it be a shoulder to cry on, an encouraging word, or an enlightening conversation, it’s always good to have a trusted circle of women. And there’s no better way to unwind than getting silly with your girls!

    6. Be solution-oriented

    When Beyoncé’s Billboard performance was  in jeparody because the graphics weren’t quite what they needed to be, she didn’t sit around waiting for someone else to fix it before she moved on with rehearsal. No! She got a boom box, went out into the hall and practiced what she could.

    When the day of the show came and there was no approved final run through, she was still able to pull out a flawless performance.

    7. Don’t sweat the small stuff

    Even for Beyoncé, things can go wrong. On a day she was supposed to rehearse the Billboard Music Awards, the warehouse she was using for practice had to be shut down temporarily. From the footage we saw, though, Beyoncé didn’t panic she just pulled up and got ready for practice.

    8. You can’t be strong all the time

    When Beyoncé went through her  miscarriage two years ago, she was devastated. As it’s been reported before, she headed straight to the studio to write the saddest song she’s ever written to cope with the loss. However, she still needed a quiet moment to cry and mourn during the creative process.

    9. Don’t be afraid to take risks

    Beyoncé was prepared not to  sell one more album when she decided to part ways  (professionally speaking) with her father.  Becoming her own manager was a huge risk that paid off, but ultimately she was not afraid to fail in her journey for personal and artistic growth.

    10. You can be a diva without being a diva

    Beyoncé’s not afraid to fight for what she wants, but she’s not disrespectful. Frank Gatson might get loud with the dancers, but we didn’t notice Bey throwing any tantrums.

    11. Don’t be afraid to do the dirty work
    We’re not sure if anyone else caught this, but Bey was definintely going over some of the cuts for her “Party” video. Whether she was editing the video herself or going through to make notes, she clearly knows her way around Final Cut Pro.

    12. Have more than one set of skills

    If you want to be a force in your field, it pays to be versatile. Sure, Beyoncé can sing and dance, but she can also direct, edit video, produce and style her own hair (wigs, weaves or otherwise) if need be.

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