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    Evelyn Lozada

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    As usual, Evelyn Lozada and her “Basketball Wives” co-stars will be keeping it real when season 5 of the show premieres, and this time around that means lots of emotions and tears.

    “I will say that this is the first season that I’m really, really proud of… because even though there’s a lot of emotions, the world sees us growing, and we’re very transparent,” Evelyn told HipHollywood.com. “I think that’s why so many people love our show. We show all sides: bad, great, angry, crying.”

    Evelyn said taping the new season has been somewhat therapeutic for her, and she’s “110 percent open” about all that happened between her and Chad Johnson, to whom she was married for 77 days.

 “Filming the show is the first time I was able to talk about everything that’s been going in my life probably the last six, seven months. It was very emotional for me. If I’m crying like every episode, it’s just what it is,” she said.

    After Evelyn and Chad’s shocking split that involved claims of domestic abuse, Evelyn turned to life coach Iyanla Vanzant who continues to offer her support and guidance.

    “She has been such a blessing to me,” Evelyn told The Jasmine Brand. “She has just really helped me open my eyes to things that you don’t think about or things growing up that affect you today. She’s been great.”

    It’s unclear whether “BBW” fans will see Iyanla or Chad on the new season, but Evelyn remains in contact with both, despite criticism from those who’d prefer she completely cut ties with her ex.

    “I don’t really care what anybody says,” she told HipHollywood.com. “We don’t hate each other. Something happened. We’ll forever be connected because of it. I still have relationships with his kids and that’s something that means something to me… We genuinely care about each other.”

    Though her last marriage ended in disappointment, Evelyn’s still hoping for her happily ever after, but she’ll do things a bit differently next time.

    “I still want to be a mother. I still want to have other children. I still want to get married and have a family,” she told Celebuzz. “Only this time, instead of me choosing, I’m going to allow God to choose whomever for me.”

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    Do you believe Evelyn Lozada has changed? If so, are you happy about it, or will you miss the old Evelyn? Leave your comments below.

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