K.Michelle’s got plenty of new material thanks to her last relationship gone wrong.

    Things were hot and heavy between K.Michelle and J.R. Smith last year, but things didn’t work out for the on-again-off-again couple. Instead of getting too depressed about it, she unleashed all of her feelings in the studio.

    Taking the Taylor Swift approach to breakups, she used her heartache to create her upcoming album Rebellious Soul. The album will be released on Atlantic.

    “That whole album is about that boy [JR Smith]. When dudes use us for coochie, I use them for songs,” the singer explained to “The Breakfast Club” today. “Man, he played me. I was in love. I was so open, dude, I was ready to cook breakfast naked. Sing songs. I was ready to sit down. I was very sincere. He sold me the dream.”

    Even though K.Michelle is aware that J.R. gets around, she doesn’t entirely blame him for their split. She realizes that they got into a lot of fights because of her mouth. “I was going through my angry Black woman syndrome. It was a lot of nagging. It was a lot of fussing,” she admitted. “We got into it so bad one night, he left me at the club. He left me at Kiss & Fly.”

    Still, K thought what she had with J.R. was real despite the fact that there were really no labels. According to her, they were very close one day, and the next he cut her off. “That’s why I’m saying he played me, I thought we were serious,” she said. “We weren’t a couple, but we spent a lot of time together. I’m not going to lie on him. We didn’t have this commitment.”

    Ultimately what broke them up was a little PDA that made its way online thanks to smartphone paparazzi. “I really thought we were making progress,” K. Michelle said, adding that things went south when pictures of them kissing at the club hit the Web. “We were doing fine and he got mad at me. Those pictures were on MediaTakeOut. He really thought that I put the pictures out. It was cameras flashing everywhere.”

    Things are going much better in her love life these days. K revealed that she does have a new friend. It’s not clear whether viewers will get to see him on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” when it returns in April. But according to her, there’s going to be lots for viewers to talk about.

    “[Mimi Faust] has a new boyfriend,” she pointed out, “I think he’s downlow. No one can take that from me. That’s my opinion.”

    Without giving away too much about what the season holds, K.Michele said, “We’re into sixth episode; I have just cursed everybody out.” It sounds like she’s really had it with everyone this cycle and she doesn’t plan on coming back for round three. She stated, “I think this will be my last season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.'”

    Of course there is a chance she might pop up on the New York edition of “Love & Hip Hop” find out why below!


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