Jeremih talks new music and more greatness

    It’s been two years since Jeremih’s last album hit stores. Now, the R&B singer is back and ready to get to “the soul of people.”

    His new single, “All The Time” off of his mix tape Late Nights with Jeremih was recently re-released with a feature by Lil Wayne. “I really just feel like it can take over the bedroom and the end of the nightclubs,” the “I Like” singer said. Sounds about right for the man, who made it big with “Birthday Sex.”

    With the release of Late Nights this past summer, Jeremih looked to give fans an updated soundtrack to his life.

    Now, his upcoming  project Thumpy Johnson, slated for release in April, is deemed to the touch the soul of his fans. Jeremih is looking forward to making his music global since he has developed an overseas fan base.

    “I’ve seen what they party to, what they’re dancing to. I’d love to even incorporate that or just a little bit more on my third album.”

    Jeremih’s looking to possibly collaborate with artists such as Pitbull and Adam Levine of Marron 5 to bring a new demographic to his music that he described simply as “crack.”

    Aside from that, Jeremih says he is looking forward to “more greatness” outside of the recording studio and hoping to break into the movie scene.



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