KeKe Palmer defends Chilli casting

    Keke Palmer TLCKeke Palmer is speaking out against critics that say she can’t play Chilli of TLC based on her looks.

    It seems that not everyone is onboard with Keke playing Chilli in VH1’s upcoming movie Crazy, Sexy Cool: The TLC Story. Mostly, they think that the young actress is not right for the role because some people feel she doesn’t look enough like the singer.

    Keke really doesn’t appreciate the appearance-based negativity because she’s confident that she can deliver an amazing performance as Chilli. “People kill me, I don’t remember Angela Bassett looking ANYTHING like Tina Turner. And she RIPPED that role,” Keke tweeted. “People need to realize that movies aren’t casted by people looking like who they’re playing. They’re casted by who can do the role.”

    And that’s not the only mismatched casting that comes to mind for Keke, who reminded everyone that one such movie is actually up for Oscar this year. “I don’t know about you, but I would much rather see a movie that is well acted, then a movie with a bunch of [look-a-likes],” she stated.”Ben Affleck isn’t even Hispanic, but the man he played in Argo IS.”

    Specifically, people take issue with the fact that Keke’s hair isn’t enough like Chilli’s, but that’s not exactly grounds for a re-casting.  “I shouldn’t play the part because my baby hair isn’t the perfect texture? Goodnight Twitter, goodnight,” Keke tweeted in disbelief before getting back into a positive state of mind. “Okay, I just got snappy lol now I really need to get off this negativity warp. I spoke my mind! God is good!”

    All things considered, Vh1 is standing by it’s casting choices for TLC’s biopic, which is set to begin production in Atlanta next month. “With this cast, we are thrilled with the talent assembled both in front of and behind the cameras,” VH1 EVP of Original Programming and Production Jeff Olde said in a statement.

    Producers are confident that the cast it’s chosen, including Lil Mama as Left Eye and Drew Sidora as T-Boz will really bring TLC’s early days back to life. “TLC are truly music pioneers and this movie is a fantastic way to expand our scripted push by combining our audience’s passion for music with their love of story,” Jeff added. “We know our viewers will be eager to go beyond the headlines and into the surprisingly personal, never before told stories of these groundbreaking women.”

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