Sherri Shepherd comments on Beyoncé’s marriage

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    Sherri Shepherd admits she hasn’t been married long enough to be doling out the marriage advice, but that didn’t stop her from sharing her opinion on Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s marriage.

    After tuning in to Beyoncé’s pow wow with Oprah Winfrey on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” Saturday night, Sherri took to Twitter to share her thoughts.

    Specifically, “The View” co-host focused on Beyoncé’s comment that she would not be the woman she is today without hubby Jay-Z.

    “It just gives me such a foundation,” Beyoncé said about going home to Jay. “Just to have someone that you just like is so important.”

    Sherri, who’s currently on her second marriage, was glad to see a woman giving her hubby some props.

    “Beyoncé told Oprah that she wouldn’t be who she was if she didn’t have Jay-Z to go home to … that’s pretty awesome,” tweeted Sherri, who pointed out a popular relationship double standard.

    “When a woman’s career is great no one says ‘she must’ve had a good man’ , but when it goes south everyone blames ‘that damn husband,’” she wrote. “When a man does well or is powerful, we tend to say ‘he must’ve had a good woman behind him’ but it also goes the other way.”

    Sherri has a good man of her own now in husband Lamar Sally, but even her ex was supportive, so she can relate to what Bey shared with Oprah.

    “Heck even though I am divorced, my 1st hub was very instrumental in my success. He grounded me & though it ended…badly he still gets credit,” said Sherri who also had props for her current hubby.

    “W/o my hubby I wouldn’t have been able 2compete on #DWTS… I wouldn’t have gotten back into standup comedy… sometimes a hubby helps U w fear,” she said.

    Though she praised the fellas who support and encourage their wives, she did have a word of warning for women who may be depending too heavily on their better halves.

    “Now women can’t make the mistake and say their very existence is due to a man… that’s really unhealthy and dangerous,” she warned.

    See more of Sherri’s tweets below.

    Do you agree with Sherri’s POV? Do good husbands get the props they deserve? Are the most successful Black women married, benefiting from a man’s support, or are they single? Leave your comments below.

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