‘Starter Wives Confidential’ canceled?

    Photo courtesy TalkingWithTami.com

    Photo courtesy TalkingWithTami.com

    starter-wives-confidential-cast-gallery-325“Starter Wives Confidential” has been yanked from TLC’s lineup after a short run, but it’s not completely gone.

    It looks like the ladies of “Starter Wives Confidential” will be keeping their secret to themselves. It’s been announced that TLC will no longer be airing the reality show, which features the ex-wives and babymamas of men like Funkmaster Flex, Floyd Mayweather, DMX, Lamar Odom and Maino.

    Monica Taylor took to her blog to let everyone know that “Starter Wives Confidential” will be finishing out its season as a web series.

    “If you want to watch the remainder of episodes of ‘Starter Wives Confidential’ you will have to go online to TLC.com,” she informed. “Bringing a show with women of color to TLC we always knew was a challenge and I love that they believed in our stories and gave us a voice.”

    Without outright pointing fingers at one of their exes, Monica did make it known that the famous men they’re linked to did not like the show.

    “It’s no secret ‘Starter Wives Confidential’ was plagued by legal inquiries and possible lawsuits from the beginning,” Monica wrote. “Starting with Shaniqua Tompkins being missing from all the episodes, her ex 50 cent allegedly had an agreement or contract with her of some sort that either prevented or made it difficult for her to partake in the show.”
    Even though “Starter Wives Confidential” had a relatively short run, Monica is proud of what the show accomplished while it was on TV.

    “I love that personally I got to not only bond with 5 amazing women but was allowed to show that not all celebrity wives sit home, model, or are simpletons,” Monica mused. “For the first time people got to know who I really am, if even just a little bit.”


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