Chris Brown and Rihanna inspire ‘Law & Order: SVU’ episode

    NBC will be rehashing the saga that was Chris Brown’s infamous 2009 fight with Rihanna!

    Although it’s been more than four years since their brawl, “Law & Order: SVU” will be doing an episode that follows a popular-yet-embattled pop music couple that looks an awful lot like Chris and RiRi.

    Titled “Funny Valentine” the show will follow two singers in the lead up and aftermath of a terrible fight. And it appears that there might be a history of violence in the relationship, set to air next Wednesday.

    From media scrutiny to shocking headlines and cover photos, the show will feature familiar scenes from the fallout between Chris and Rihanna.

    While the producers of “SVU” didn’t explicitly call the character Chris and Rihanna, the young man is named Caleb Brown and has similar features to “Don’t Judge Me” singer. Not only that, but he seems to dress himself in a vibrant, urban style. Writers were a little less obvious for the pop princess, naming her Micha Green, who rocks a curly blonde style that Rihanna has favored in the past.  She does not, however, seem to have RiRi’s accent.

    Tune in February 27 at 9 pm to catch all the drama on “Law & Order: SVU.” For now, check out the teaser!

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