Erica Mena denies homewrecker label

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    Erica Mena may have dated DJ Envy of “The Breakfast Club,” but she doesn’t believe that she’s a homewrecker.

    Back in January, DJ Envy got the dishonor of being named co-host Charlamagne’s Donkey of the Day. What followed was a tearful on-air apology to his wife of 18 years Gia Casey, who may be appearing on the next season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

    Following the confession session on Power 105.1, there was some chatter about what marital issue Envy was skirting around when he called Gia live. Specifically the dj dropped some hints that he may have been unfaithful.

    Somehow, this sparked speculation that he’d carried on an affair “Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena. In a new interview with, she doesn’t exactly deny having been his mistress at one point.

    “In regards to the DJ Envy thing, I know that people have been calling me a home wrecker. I’m just going to keep it real simple and say you can’t break a home that’s already broken,” she said.

    Erica avoided getting into too much detail about her affair with Envy, but it looks like she might just be saving that as a juicy tidbit for her upcoming book. “At the end of the day, whatever happened with him and his marriage it definitely has nothing to do with me. I believe that in time people will kind of get a better understanding,” she stated. “My book will be explaining it all and it drops in April. You guys get to get the full situation about me and DJ Envy.”

    She reiterated, “Like I said, you can’t break a home that’s already broken.”

    Whatever their relationship was, Erica claims that she was the one dumped Envy to hook up with her on-again-off-again beau Rich Dollaz. “I left that situation alone because I wanted to be with Rich,” Erica asserted. “He’s been married for 18 years. He never once acted married until recently until I guess he found out that I was engaged.”

    After Envy’s mini-breakdown on the radio, he and Gia seem to be repairing their relationship. But Erica believes that despite what listeners and viewers may see from Envy, it’s really just an act.

    “He definitely wasn’t a proud married man for a very long time,” Erica stated. “And I guess after finding out that me and Rich were supposedly engaged he’s playing this role that he was a happily married man.  I don’t have to pretend, he does.”

    Check out the audio of Erica’s confession below, where she reveals that she and Rich are not together (at least right now).

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