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    R&B star Ashanti is coming back with a serious bang! Not only is she working on her fifth album titled Braveheart, she’s also landed a recurring role on the seventh season of Lifetime’s TV series “Army Wives.”

    “It’s just about being believable and committing yourself,” she told Vibe. “They get the script from real army wives and they travel…I think that’s what’s gonna generate people to come to the show even more.”

    According to Lifetime’s “Army Wives” blog, she’ll be playing Latasha Durant, a “strict mother of three whose main goal is to get as much fun as possible out of life, while keeping her kids and husband in line.”

    When it comes to music, Ashanti will be releasing her latest album on her own record label, Written Entertainment, and said she is excited to do different records than she’s ever done before, which might mean stepping away from her R&B roots.

    “At this point, everyone just feels pressure to get that hit, whatever genre, we want a multi-platform record. As long as everyone loves it, it’ll be a hit,” she said.

    The “Only You” singer said that she’s been working really hard on the album, and trying to balance her music career and her new acting role.

    “If you love it, you make it work,” she said. “It’s more of I want to just get in the studio. I love to act, but I love to be in the studio.”

    Be on the lookout for Ashanti’s new album Braveheart, and the new season of “Army Wives” that is set to air in March.

    Ashanti talks more about her projects below.

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