Erica Mena threatens to expose DJ Envy

    Erica Mena

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    DJ Envy has confessed to having an affair, and his alleged mistress Erica Mena didn’t appreciate the disrespect from him.

    Envy didn’t name names when he came clean about sleeping with another woman behind Gia Casey’s back. However, he did state that he thought his jumpoff was beneath him and that rubbed Erica the wrong way.

    “Men always wanna call you out your name once they in the wrong and [you’re] gone. If I’m all you call me out to be NOW What’s that make you?” she tweeted after the DJ’s confession. “Truth is If I would have never found about her Envy would still be hiding her. His forced to stay but I help save his half.”

    And as a result of the insult, Erica’s now threatening to release some visual evidence of their affair as she tweeted, “Being that you told your wife Everything & Now Your calling me out my name I decided let’s show her Pics In my book #underneathItAll April.”

    Although Envy didn’t identify her specifically, Erica told Vibe Vixen that there’s no doubt in her mind that his comments were about her. But, the “Love & Hip Hop” star said she’s not the only woman he had on the side.

    “DJ Envy’s definitely talking about me, but I’m one of many. I was under the assumption that he had kids but wasn’t actually married,” Erica revealed, adding that she only found out about his wife Gia when she started shooting the VH1 reality show. “After I found out, I was still in shock because we were together for so long.”

    In Erica’s opinion, Envy’s not exactly carrying himself like an upstanding man. She’s not going to allow herself to be labeled as the only scandalous one in this situation. In fact, Erica claims that Envy straight up lied to her about his relationship status.

    “It’s sad that now he’s taking all these shots saying I’m a liar and I’m pathetic, when he deceived me,” Erica said. ” It’s not fair to paint me out as a liar when he was leading a double life for many years. He’s never publicly come out with his wife until now because he’s ashamed of her. It’s no secret.”

    That’s a far different assessment of the relationship than Envy shared. Back on Twitter, Erica poked holes in Envy’s argument that he only cheated with Erica because he wasn’t confident about himself. As he puts it, Gia is so incredible that he thinks she’s too good for him. Erica, however, states that he kept his marital status quiet so that he could sleep around. “No ‘insecure’ man lies to many [women] about being married so he can have his cake and eat it too! I’m sorry but that’s a lame excuse Gia!” Erica stated.

    Despite the fact that she said she can’t break an already broke home, Erica denied that she’s even the type of woman to mess with a married man. “I would never set out to ruin anyone’s family or marriage,” she tweeted. “Had I known I would have never. I’m only now just clearing the air with theTRUTH.”

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