‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 2.26.13

    Rich Dollaz gave Erica Mena the ax on Monday’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop”!

    Jen and Cons try to find a babysitter

    Jen the Pen can’t be a stay-at-home mom forever. The former radio gossip needs someone to help take care of son, while she and Consequence get their hustle on.

    But when they put out an ad for a nanny it seemed like everyone in the fashion or entertainment industry. For a minute, it didn’t look like they would find help, but all hope was not lost!

    The couple got a chance to chat that came highly recommended. Although Jen was ready to say “you’re hired” Cons had to tell her “hold up!”

    Yandy makes peace

    Yandy Smith is demanding that Mendeecees and her cousin Maurice make peace after their gym battle last week.

    The creepiness of posting workout shots of your cousin aside, Yandy wants peace in her family, and that means Mendeecees had to makeup with Maurice. Like any smart man, he did what she wanted in accordance with the saying “happy girl, happy world.”

    Kaylin apologizes to Tahiry

    In another part of New York, Kaylin Garcia was also trying to mend fences with Tahiry Jose. The last time they met, Tahiry mushed Kaylin’s face over a smart remark about her age. All this after Kaylin vetoed Joe Budden getting on Tahiry’s track “Devil.”

    This is the first time we’ve seen someone say they’re sorry for getting smacked. Tahiry, on the other hand, completely expected an apology.

    Rich Dollaz gives Erica Mena the ax

    On Monday night, Peter Gunz strongly suggested that Rich Dollaz cut ties with Erica Mena , at least professionally speaking. His argument was that Rich had their company Dollaz Unlimited looking a little crazy because Rich was shelling out all kinds of money to get Erica’s music off the ground without her ever having signed a contract with them.

    From a business standpoint, Peter has a point. Essentially they were doing all of that work without any guarantee of getting a return on their investment should Erica blowup. Mixing business and pleasure was not a good idea in this case, so to rectify the problem Rich kinda sorta broke up with her. This was after Erica dodged the issue of just signing a contract with Dollaz Unlimited.

    What we got from that conversation was that Rich was trying to break up with Erica to preserve their business relationship. She didn’t seem to fully accept that, though.

    Tell-all fail

    Some folks will throw a party for the opening of a letter. And as long as their food, booze, and a few cameras, people will show up to celebrate! That definitely seemed to hold true for Winter Ramos who threw a bash to celebrate the cover of her book, and Lore’l was seemingly the guest of honor.

    But Lore’l wasn’t really in the mood to party after Winter shared a section of the book that pretty much blasted the rapper’s actions and reputation.


    Some “friends” will talk about you behind your back, but others will air your dirty laundry in a book. Winter didn’t really see the harm in talking about Lore’l in her tell-all, but Lore’l was steamed after reading the chapter about her.

    After collecting her thoughts, Lore’l tried to talk some sense into Winter, but the former publicist was a little too wasted to hear anything she had to say. Heck, even standing up was a struggle for Winter!


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