Mimi, boyfriend respond to K.Michelle’s down low claims

    Mimi Faust

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    Mimi Faust and her man have taken a jab back at K.Michelle claiming that she’s only questioning Nikko’s sexuality because he rejected her.

    The couple recently spoke to Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” and although her rep admitted there was some physical altercation, Mimi denied that any slapping occurred between her and K.Michelle at all.

    “Nobody was rushed to the hospital; nobody’s eardrum was busted. I can hear very well, and none of that went down,” she said, referring to the rumored altercation last week.

    But it didn’t stop there. Mimi’s boyfriend Nikko said he had no idea why K.Michelle would even think he was on the down low, and alleged that she tried to get with him while he and Mimi were together.

    “She might be mad because I didn’t give her the d; she came at me and I turned her down. You ain’t my type, and I’m with Mimi. So I can’t really swing like that with you; so she just wanna throw allegations out there,” he said.

    He went on to say that although he doesn’t know too much about K.Michelle, he felt like she just didn’t want to see anybody around her happy if she wasn’t.

    “I just believe she’s a home wrecker,” he said.

    The “Bury My Heart” singer didn’t take that comment lightly, and called in to “The Breakfast Club” to clear the rumor up by stating she never met Nikko until Mimi started bringing him around.

    “Let me tell you what’s going on: the dude is down low. You can’t take my opinion from me. I know you wanna cover stuff up or do whatever you have to do. I don’t know you, and everybody who does know me knows I don’t date no fairy lookin’ men; he look like a fairy. I would never do that,” she said.

    Although Mimi’s boyfriend denied all rumors that he’s gay, K. said that he allegedly has a gay roommate that he lives with in Atlanta, and the two have a rap group together. She also said that she told Mimi that he was suspect from the beginning.

    “I told you that this man was suspect. I’m sitting in a room telling you this, and he hears me. I never go to him. I never keep up no drama, I’m talking to you…Nikko is really desperate for attention, so he tries to curse me out. I’ve never in life, never seen this man other than three times when I was with Mimi,” she said.

    But as far as the altercation goes, K.Michelle said it definitely happened, and the cameras were there to prove it.

    “She’s really being a real idiot right now because cameras and everything don’t lie. The thing about the situation is, you got popped with flowers. She even admitted to the flowers if you see her press release that she did get popped. She wasn’t bleeding; it wasn’t none of that,” she said.

    On the bright side of all this drama, Mimi’s boyfriend assures that Mimi’s no longer riding Stevie J’s so-called “bus,” and that the two are very happy together.

    “Me and Mimi, we happy, we building what we building,” he said.

    Check out the rest of the interview below. Can the women be friends again? Listen.

    Is K.Michelle wrong for suggesting Nikko is gay, or is she doing what a good girlfriend should by sharing her concerns with Mimi? Leave your comments below.

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