BernNadette Stanis goes ‘Behind the Pulpit’

    Bern Nadette Stanis

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    BernNadette Stanis, better known by most of Black America as Thelma from “Good Times,” is the star power behind the gospel production Behind the Pulpit.

    The play tells the story of a devoted pastor whose love for his congregation detaches him from his responsibilities as a father, husband and head of household.

    “My character, Deborah, has a lot of money and she is supporting the church, but the people in the church don’t pay her a lot of mind and they aren’t very appreciative of her work,” BernNadette explained to Sister 2 Sister. “She has a son who she is very protective of and her husband doesn’t approve of him at all. [He] neglects us to take care of his church family.”

    The fictional husband, BernNadette so warmly referred to, is the church pastor played by Terrell Phillips, former singer of the hit 1990’s R&B group, Blackstreet. Terrell does an exceptional job in the lead role, and his vocals are still sharp and strong as ever!

    Although the story is based on a church family, BernNadette said it’s something to which everyone can relate.

    “A lot of times the fathers are very busy and sometimes the mothers are very busy, but there comes a time when you really have to embrace your family and take care of them. If not, there’s going to be tension and your children and family may do things due to lack of attention,” said BernNadette.

    Though many “urban” stage plays seem to be cut from the same pattern, offering similar storylines with varying actors, Behind the Pulpit stands out—not just because of its star power, but because of its original ending.

    The climax of the story hits at the end and is capped by a moving performance by a talent mime – yes, a mime.

    Stellar Award-winning gospel artist Paul Porter and actor/comedian Lil’ JJ also star in the play.

    The tour will run until the end of March 2013. For a full list of cities and dates visit,

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