Blue Williams wants to trade Beyoncé tickets for guns

    Beyonce Documentary Premiere

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    One hip-hop mogul is thinking of using Beyoncé tickets to help clean up New York City.

    Yesterday there was news that Beyoncé tickets caused a stampede in the United Kingdom, but now a ticket to her show might save a life!

    According to, Michael “Blue” Williams has approached Bey and Jay-Z about a program called called Guns For Greatness.

    As part of the efforts to get guns off the streets, Michael would like to offer mentorships and free Beyonce and/or Jay-Z concerts tickets to anyone that turns in a firearm.

    In a letter to the New York Police Department, Michael claims that he’s already raised most of the $100,000 needed to launch the effort. Bey and Jay have yet to agree to be part of the Guns for NYPD official Ray Kelly told the New York Daily News, “We want to get as many guns off the streets, and if this works, we’d like to support it.”



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