‘Law & Order: SVU': 10 pieces of Chris and Rihanna’s real drama

    Chris Brown and Rihanna

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    NBC drew on a lot of Chris Brown’s drama aside from his fight with Rihanna in last night’s episode of “Law & Order: SVU.” Take a look!

    While watching “SVU” on Wednesday it was clear that writer’s weren’t just drawing inspiration from Chris and Rihanna’s turbulent relationship. While their situation was the focus of the overall storyline, it was clear that the powers that be on “SVU” were using just about every major story on the pair for their fictitious love birds.

    The episode centered on young music stars Caleb Bryant and Misha Green, who are in a very rocky relationship. Between suffering different types of abuse and dealing with jumpoffs, one would think that Misha would have been running for the hills, but that was not the case.

    But there’s been a lot more going on around Chris and Rihanna than just their fight. Barring his temper tantrum at “Good Morning America,” NBC did not miss an opportunity to reference any incident. Here are 10 different scenarios that “SVU” borrowed last night.

    1.The brutal fight

    Although Caleb and Misha’s fight didn’t take place in a car, the beginning of their bout was pretty burtal. It was only made all the more gruesome by the fact that it happened in a studio full of people.

    Just like with Chris and Rihanna, there were reports that Chris was simply defending himself after Rihanna attacked him for getting flirty with another woman.

    2. The fall out from the fight

    Both Misha and Rihanna’s bruised and bloody faces were splashed across computer screens and newspapers.

    3. The public apology

    In the months following Chris and Rihanna’s, the “Don’t Judge Me” singer released a video statement to TMZ as part of a public apology. Instead of broadcasting it online, Caleb decided to say he’s sorry on “The Wendy Williams” show in a special pre-recorded segment.

    Although Caleb didn’t wear a bright red shirt, his posture and tone were strikingly similar to Chris in the TMZ video as he pleaded through the camera.

    4. The club fight

    Back in June, Chris got into a fight with Drake at WiP night club in New York. Shots of the club after the bottle-throwing brawl showed that the VIP section was completely destroyed. And more than a few innocent bystanders were injured in the musical melee.

    On “SVU,” Caleb tore the club up at Misha’s single release party when someone tried to report him for violating the terms of his stay-away order. Unfortunately, in this scenario, one man was killed. And the scene of the crime looked an awful lot like the aftermath of what happened at WiP.

    5. The questionable body art

    Last year, Chris came under fire for supposedly getting a tattoo of a battered woman’s face. He later explained that the body art was actually inspired by a MAC makeup sugar skull look for Dia De Los Muertos. On “SVU,” though, Caleb bragged about actually getting a tattoo of Misha’s bruised up face.

    6. The love triangle

    While the love triangle between Rihanna, Chris and Karrueche Tran had seemingly been a never-ending saga until earlier this week. Chris revealed that he and RiRi are officially back on as a couple.

    Caleb’s jumpoff had a much shorter part in Wednesday night’s story. He went from hitting on the girl, who one of the Misha’s backup singers, to bringing her out on the town as he hit a club that looked suspiciously like Greystone Manor. And he shared some pictures of him and the other woman on Facebook before getting back with Misha.

    If you remember, Karrueche was never far behind when Chris went out, and the pair had a penchant for sharing their love online.

    7. The online shout outs

    Ever since Chris Brown broke up with Karrueche Tran, he and Rihanna have not been shy about referencing each other on Twitter and Instagram. Recently Chris and RiRi raised eyebrows by posting shots from a bedroom that featured the exact same comforter around the same time.

    Wouldn’t you know it, that’s the exact same way that cops busted Caleb for breaking his stay away order the first time.

    8. The ring

    Rihanna was rocking a serious sparkler on her hand at the Grammys this year, prompting some to wonder whether Chris had popped the question. During his TV apology to Misha, Caleb offered her a friendship ring, which she gladly accepted.

    9. The duet

    Chris and Rihanna put out a couple of songs together last year that made people wonder just how close the former love birds really were.

    On “SVU,” Caleb and Misha started out in the studio together working on a huge single for her.

    10. The mentor

    Misha’s mentor Brass was a rapper-turned-music mogul that wanted Misha to stay as far away from Caleb as possible. Brass was also Misha’s mentor, grooming her to super stardom over a long period of time and she really looked to him as a father figure.

    Sounds  a lot like Jay-Z’s role in Rihanna’s life as he cultivated her career, if you ask us. And Hov’s not too fond of Chris, either, may we add.

    Chris hasn’t gotten away with murder like Caleb, but watch the episode below to see what other parallels you can draw between the real life and fictional love birds.

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