Steve Harvey’s camp denies vandalism

    Steve HarveyThere’s a rumor that Steve Harvey is being investigated for vandalism, but is there any truth to the chatter? reports that Steve’s bodyguard is accused of scratching up someone’s car.

    Supposedly the incident went down while Steve was watching his daughter participate in an equestrian competition in Palm Beach last weekend. The comedian turned TV-host allegedly had someone block off a parking space for him using two golf carts.

    When he arrived on the competition grounds, the carts were removed and someone else had parked there. Witnesses claim that someone fitting the description of Steve’s bodyguard was found near the car shortly after. The vehicle had been scratched on the sides, hood and trunk. The cuts were so deep that metal could be seen.

    When asked about the situation and whether Steve’s security had anything to do with it, a member of Steve’s camp said, “total bs….it’s a shame people don’t have nothing better to do.”



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