Kenya flattered that Beyoncé is on her team

    Kenya MooreKenya Moore considers herself Beyoncé’s biggest fan and is happy the singer keeps up to date on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

    “It makes me feel great that Beyoncé is a fan. I am the biggest Beyoncé fan,” she told “She’s my favorite. I love the fact that she’s a mogul. She’s a superstar, obviously, a rock star, a wife, a mother. She’s so many things.”

    Kenya, who’s referred to herself as Bey’s twin, was met with criticism when she compared herself to the international singer, explaining to her co-stars that she’s often mistaken for Beyoncé.

    Kenya’s even followed in Beyonce’s footsteps a little by recording her own hit, “Gone With the Wind Fabulous.”

    Mrs. Carter never commented on Kenya’s claims that they’re so much alike, but she was likely listening, since she later used Kenya’s catch phrase, “Gone With the Wind fabulous,” when describing her Super Bowl performance.

    For Kenya, whose relationships with her cast members have been less than smooth, the shout-out was validation that Beyoncé’s on her side.

    “I really respect her hustle, the person that she is and the woman that she is. It makes me feel great to feel as though she’s Team Kenya,” she said.

    Watch more of Kenya’s interview below.

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