Meagan Good: Work on you before you get married

    Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin

    Photo courtesy Alonda Thomas Public Relations

    Meagan Good suggests that you work on yourself before you go husband hunting.

    Meagan and her hubby DeVon Franklin hit up Atlanta for Wal-Mart’s Black Love & Relationships panel last week where they gave the best advice they can offer after eight months of marriage.

    At its most basic, marriage is two people coming together. Before finding her better half, Meagan shared that she had to get herself right first. “For me, one of the biggest things was working on myself first before I was actually working at marriage,” said Meagan. “Really seeing the areas where I was damaged; the areas where I was struggling; really seeking a marriage with God first.”

    The “Deception” actress feels that that is what allowed her to get in tune with how God was speaking to her, which led her right to DeVon. “Once I did, that started to kind of clean up my life in certain areas,” Meagan explained. “That’s when I started to get confirmation that marriage was coming and I started to get direct confirmation about even who my husband was.”

    Meagan then urged women not to skip over vital parts of their personal journey because they may be cheating themselves out of completely growing as they should. “I think at that point that’s when God will give you clarity even if it’s years down the line,” she said. “There’s things that have to happen before (marriage) can happen so focus on those things first.”

    For his part, DeVon challenged guys to man up and commit. In his opinion, that’s the true measure of manhood because it’s more of a challenge than dating around.

    “I would say on the male side, part of it is being open to the challenge of commitment. Dating to a certain degree is easy,” said DeVon, explaining that some men can date a string of women and never be serious about any of them. “You can run for so long, but it does take courage and say I’m not going to run anymore. I’m going to commit.”

    He proposes that instead of running from woman to  woman, men can be completely fulfilled in a committed relationship when they find the right person. “It really helps you to become full because so much of what we need to do as men is really tied up in the partner God brings us,” he said. “I can tell you my life in 8 months has changed drastically for the better. The marriage is amazing when you have the right partner as a man.”

    Instead DeVon suggests that men date more selectively, stating, “Doesn’t mean everybody you’re gonna date, you’re gonna marry. But really actually be serious about that person.”

    But DeVon had a few words of advice for women, who are holding a little too tightly to their idea of what the future husband should be. “You gotta really allow love to come to you in the way God has it for you,” he suggested. “And this is hard because sometimes (you say) ‘I want him to look like this and he’s gotta be that’ and all of these things.”

    The producer pointed out that he had to do the same thing, and it was the best decision he ever made. “Listen, I told everybody I would never date an actress,” DeVon shared. “It would never happen. And I married one because I was open to God’s plan for my life.”

    Check out some shots of Megan and DeVon at the panel when you flip through the slideshow below!


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