Ne-Yo: ‘I was married’


    Photo courtesy Def Jam

    If Ne-Yo weds Monyetta Shaw, she’ll be his second wife.

    Ne-Yo made a huge revelation rather non-chalantly as he exited the Supper Club in Los Angeles the other night.

    When caught up with the singer, the camera man asked whether he’d ever been married before, he said no. But then something occurred to him.

    “Yeah I was married. I was 19 years old,” Ne-Yo told the TMZ cameraman. “It wasn’t even for like a year, so we got an annulment.”

    Ne-Yo said it all in such a relaxed fashion that TMZ wondered whether or not this was old news. Surprisingly, it wasn’t. “Don’t nobody really know. Nobody ever really asked,” Ne-Yo said, explaining how such a big piece of his past could have remained unknown for so long.

    The singer-producer revealed that it was his music career that tore him and his ex-wife apart in such a short amount of time.

    “I wanted to do this, and she didn’t want me to do this. And this is honestly the only thing I’ve ever loved,” he said. “I chose this over her, and now I’m here and I don’t know where she is.”


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