‘Kimora: House of Fab’s’ Lianca Lyons opens up to S2S

    Lianca Lyons, Kimora Lee Simmons, House of fab

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    While fate is often romanticized as a product of good fortune mixed with divine planning, Lianca Lyons knows full well that nothing comes without hard work and sacrifice.

    Three years ago, before she was known as “The Kimora Whisperer” on the Style Networks’ new hit show “Kimora: House of Fab,” Lianca, like many Americans, was just another person looking for work. She was laid off from her job at ME! But through fierce determination and some good connections, she met Kimora and the two haven’t looked back.

    Like any good story, this one has a happy ending…Except, it’s really only the beginning.

    As the Senior Marketing Manager at JustFab, Lianca serves as Kimora Lee Simmons’ brand manager and right hand. And like Kimora did for her, Lianca hopes to set an example that will empower future generations of women to achieve their goals.

    In an exclusive interview with Sister 2 Sister, Lianca opened up about her unearthly connection with Kimora (which began before she even met the clothing impresario), how life has – or hasn’t – changed since the show first aired, and why she someday wants to be the remix version of Oprah Winfrey.

    Jacob: How has your life has changed since January 23, when the show first aired and has it changed who you are as a person at all?
    Lianca: That’s an interesting question because going into the show I didn’t know what to expect, but it hasn’t really changed my life at all. I’m still a dork. I still live in the hood, I don’t really get recognized and I don’t know if it’s because I change my hair and I don’t live in Hollywood or anything like that. I live by the airport, so it hasn’t really changed my life that much. And I wasn’t sure, like, if I go to Target, am I going to be recognized? Are people gonna be like “oh wow, I buy that brand too but I haven’t. I’m still the same ol’ girl.

    Jacob: That’s kind of surprising.
    Lianca: Also, truth be told, I am a little bit of a homebody. Literally I live at work. I live at church, and then, with my family at the house. So I don’t go out a lot; I’m not this club girl. When I go out to dinner it’s in my neighborhood.

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