‘Kimora: House of Fab’s’ Lianca Lyons opens up to S2S

    Lianca Lyons, House of Fab

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    Jacob: I know that even before working at JustFab, you learned a lot from reading Kimora’s books. What have you learned working for her that goes beyond those pages?
    Lianca: You know it’s interesting, and I’ve said this to her several times, is what I actually learned from her is completely different than I thought it would be. From her book I learned things like branding myself within the company, how to carry myself, and what people are thinking about (me), different things like that. As we began working together and our relationship, grew over the last year and a half, I learned life lessons… She’ll explain how, and I don’t want to say this in a wrong way, but in a corporate environment there are rules to the game and those rules aren’t always written. Some of them are experiences that you’ve figured out. There are things that she’s learned that she’s taught me, like it’s not necessarily A, B and C, sometimes it’s A-and-a-half, B-and-a-half, those unspoken rules. And if you don’t know the rules to the game you’re going to lose. The book smarts I learned from the reading, but the street smarts I learned from the relationship that we’ve developed.

    Jacob: What is the biggest misconception about Kimora that people might not see on the show?
    Lianca: A lot of times when you have a really beautiful, successful woman you would think that she does not want beautiful successful women around her, that she wants everybody to be lower than her, but she’s the total opposite. She wants beautiful, powerful, dynamic women around her because in her mind that makes you look better. It upsets me when people say, “Oh, do you think she’s insecure?” She’s very humble and she’s extremely open with the compliments. In her book she talks about the empowerment of women, but sometimes a person that talks about something like that, then you meet them and it’s a disappointment because they are not really like that. Not her. What she says she means when she talks about women empowerment and women rising up that’s exactly the kind of person she is, and she’s very motivating and inspiring.

    Jacob: How have you managed to develop such a great connection with her?
    Lianca: She doesn’t want ‘yes’ people around her and I’m not a ‘yes’ person. I will tell her the truth. We have that mutual respect where I can tell her the truth and she can tell me the truth. She knows that she can ask me something and I will always be honest with her.

    Jacob: So, reality television often has a tendency to focus on drama, and sometimes that portrays cast members differently than they really are. How do you feel the show represents you?
    Lianca: I was very conscious of who I was and how I was going to be portrayed, but I think that what you see is very authentic to who I am, especially in the business world. I actually think that I’m probably a little bit MORE crazy, wild, kind of like a spoiled brat type of person outside of work! Overall it’s very authentic to how our office is. It ACTUALLY might come off a bit more tame (on the show) than how our office really is. Everyone’s character is very authentic to who we are.

    Jacob: As the show progresses and you continue to build your own brand, what are your goals and, more specifically, how do you want to use your fame?
    Lianca: I would love, at some point, to be an on-camera executive producer, have my own production company, and do things that are elevating women, not just Black women, but all women. I think in 10 years I see myself as a remix version of Oprah [Winfrey], but asking questions that others hadn’t previously thought about asking. There are times in interviews where there’s a press line of 10 people, but they’re all asking the same questions. I want to ask the questions that the others are scared to ask.

    Jacob: Well it seems like you have a great platform to achieve your goals.
    Lianca: I want to be a game changer in the world. How that actually happens I don’t know, but in my heart that is what I’m passionate about. I really believe that my purpose is, helping to change people’s lives!


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