‘RHOA’ season 5 recap 3.4.13

    Phaedra: “Thank you for not letting us come in.”

    Phaedra Parks

    Phaedra Parks arrived in California three hours after her co-stars. The entertainment attorney, wife and mom missed her original flight. So, she was likely in need of a nap after a hectic day that include a change in time zones.

    However, she wasn’t very apologetic for showing up to NeNe’s at close to midnight for a 9 p.m. meal.

    “Coming to California did not make us White ladies, so there’s still toing to be some colored people’s time,” she said.

    The next night Phaedra, who’s been keeping her distance from nemesis Kenya Moore, ends up sitting right next to her rival during dinner.

    When asked about their two distinct DVD workout projects, Kenya reveals the name of her video, but Phaedra won’t share, in fear that Kenya may use the title herself.

    “Once a thief; always a thief,” she says in reference to Kenya.

    Kandi: “Don’t get Hollywood on me.”

    Kandi Burruss wasn’t too happy about NeNe’s refusal to let them in her home for the dinner party.

    “I’m not the nicest person when I’m hungry,” said Kandi who did convince NeNe’s husband, Gregg, to bring food for the ladies to take with them.

    However, Kandi’s not one for begging, and once NeNe made it clear that she didn’t want them at her home, Kandi believed they should have rolled out.

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