‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 3.5.13

    Erica MenaRichDollazWPRich Dollaz fired Erica Mena on Monday’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop,” but she knows he’s not going anywhere.

    Tahiry tells off Joe Budden

    Tahiry is tired of Joe Budden right about now. Yet again, Joe surprised her at her job to address the fight between her and his girlfriend Kaylin. Although Tahiry was ticked off, she kept her cool while breaking down

    But the cherry on top of the entire scene was Joe proposing that Tahiry join him and Kaylin for a threesome. He’s got to be kidding!

    Rich Dollaz fires Erica Mena

    Rich Dollaz is done with Erica Mena! At least for now. When Erica decided to host a party in New Jersey without informing Rich, he snapped.Instead of addressing the situation the next day, Rich brought his silent partner Perer Gunz and VH1 cameras to the party.

    Erica didn’t see the problem in booking her own gig, so Rich told her in front of everyone that he was taking back the track she recorded and dropping her as unofficial client. He was talking pretty tough when he stormed out, but Erica was already thinking about ways to keep him around.

    Erica pulls Rich back in?

    Clearly, Erica still believes that she and Rich are still together–personally and professionally. That could be because Rich is doing a terrible job of reminding her that they have a) broken up an b) not contractually obligated to work together.

    Essentially, much like a fly caught in a spider’s web, Erica has no intentions of letting Rich go. And it seems like she knows how to work him over and get her way. Even though Rich took her out to clarify that they are nothing more than friends, Erica still left confident that she’s still got him wrapper around her little finger.

    Winter deletes Lore’l

    Winter Romas feels no remorse about reading Lore’l. If anything, she expected the rapper to apologize to her for flipping out at her cover party on the last episode. Lore’l wanted an apology because she feels Winter had done some irreparable damage to reputation as a lyricist.

    Well, it seems that both ladies were in for some disappointment.But Winter is willing to do one favor for her old friend, and she agreed to take Lore’l’s whole chapter out of her book.

    Jen and Consequence fight about Christmas

    Jen “The Pen” Bayer wants her baby to have a Christmas. Unfortunately for her, Consequence wasn’t really into the idea of having his first born son, who is being raised Muslim, celebrating another religion’s sacred holiday.

    Despite the fact that Cons’ Imam recommended that he be a little more flexible about incorporating Jen’s religion into their son’s life, he doesn’t seem to be heeding the advice. Consequence isn’t budging on the issue if it means that his son will be attending any church services.

    Rashidah Ali confronts Yandy Smith

    Keep Rashidah Ali’s name out of your mouth if it could mess up her reputation. Up until Monday night, Rah had really just been a supporting personality on “Love & Hip Hop” as she listened to Tahiry’s latest Joe-related drama. This week, however, it seems that she had a bone to pick with Yandy Smith.

    Why? Mendeecees had been running his mouth about Rahshidah and their past.

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