Mimi Faust’s boyfriend Nikko explains gay rumors

Mimi Faust & Nikko

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Mimi Faust’s new man Nikko is once again denying that he’s gay, but now he’s labeling K.Michelle a homewrecker.

Last month, K.Michelle said that she’s pretty sure that Mimi ‘s man is on the down low. Hours later, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-stars got into a fight at BB Kings and K wound up smacking her co-star. The couple then went on Power 105.1 to address her accusation and speak about the backstage brawl.

More recently, Nikko sat down with CottenKandi.com to again refute K.Michelle’s assessment that he’s really into dudes. For starters, he confirmed again that he and Mimi are an item, and have been for quite some time.

“Absolutely. We’ve known each other for 12 years and we recently started rekindling the new flames,” Nikko said. “I say about a good four or five months we been going out.”

“I’m not gay. I’m not bisexual, and I’m not on the down low. I’m a straight man and heterosexual,” Nikko stated, who shared that there gay members of his family. “I don’t have anything against gay people and I’m not gay.”

In his estimation, this behavior is to be expected from K.Michelle because she supposedly didn’t grow up with any type of father figure. He feels that frustration has carried over into the rest of her life. “She really doesn’t have a male figure in her life and has a lot of issues–even on the show–with being a bully with everybody,” said Nikko. “She has war with anybody and everybody.”

He added, “She don’t really know me. I met her twice for her to make those rumors and opinion.  That’s what it is her opinion. She don’t anything about me.”

Originally, Nikko told “The Breakfast Club” that he thinks K.Michelle claimed he was in the closet because he wouldn’t sleep with her. The singer later denied that she ever tried to seduce him, and he didn’t bring up that accusation again.

Instead, he brought up the age-old argument that K might just be hating on her co-star’s new relationship. Simply put, he believes that K.Michelle was just looking for attention and being a bitter single. “It was just something, a way for her to get ratings or take a blow at Mimi because Mimi’s happy,” said Nikko. “I see her as a home wrecker and this is what she is known for. And this is why she don’t have a man.”

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