NeNe Leakes unapologetic for ‘cuttin’ her co-stars

    NeNe Leakes

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    NeNe Leakes isn’t the least bit apologetic for leaving her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars practically begging for food outside her home.

    The reality star and “New Normal” actor clarified on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” that she wasn’t hosting a party. She invited her co-stars over for dinner, and that was scheduled to start promptly at 9 p.m.

    Though NeNe acknowledged that she’s used to her co-stars’ tardiness—all but Cynthia Bailey—she couldn’t excuse a nearly three-hour delay.

    “They had plenty of time to make it,” she told “WWHL” host Andy Cohen, “You just can’t make a wrong right.”

    As a result of their late arrival, NeNe refused to let her cast mates inside. Instead, her husband brought a platter of fruit and cheese for them to take back with them to the home NeNe rented for her out-of-town guests.

    “I felt totally disrespect and hurt that they would even do this to me after all my planning and asking for time off work! When I watched the show back, maybe my tone could have been different, and I accept that, but this was a dinner party planned especially for them! I had five other important guests that I wanted them to meet, but three had already left by the time they arrived,” NeNe wrote on her blog.

    To “RHOA” viewers, it may have seemed like the party was still on and poppin’ when NeNe’s co-stars arrived around 11:45 p.m.; however, she said the only people still in her home were there tidying up.

    “We had the caterers cleaning up. They’d been there since 6:30, and the point is, I wasn’t having a party, I was having a dinner for these girls who’d arrived in Los Angeles, and there’s no three ways about it.”

    Though Porsha Stewart, who said it was scary experiencing NeNe’s wrath, blamed their tardiness on Phaedra Parks, who missed her originally scheduled flight out of Atlanta,” NeNe said she was at the rented home when Phaedra arrived, and that was two hours before the dinner was supposed to begin.

    Although NeNe has a role on “New Normal” now, and spends time in L.A. taping the show, she reminded fans that she can still get “hood,” and she showed Ross Matthews how to verbally “cut a B!t@h” on “Chelsea Lately” Monday night.

    “You have to look them in the eye. You have to mean what you say, and you need to know how to point your finger and you read them with your finger and when you’re done, you turn around and you walk off fierce,” she explained. “You have to snap, honey, and then walk.”

    Watch NeNe and Cynthia on “WWHL.”

    See NeNe on “Chelsea Lately” with Ross Matthews.

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