Brandy: I feel like Sasha Fierce


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    Brandy’s feeling fabulous and fierce these days. Or should we say Sasha Fierce to be more precise?

    The “Put It Down” singer told “The Skorpion Show” that working with Beyonce’s choreographer Frank Gatson has done wonders for her stage show. Not only that but it’s gotten her in tune with her sassy side.

    “They believe in you, they push you until you can get it,” Brandy said of her new choreography team. “Even though I am not a Ciara, a Janet, or a Beyonce, they found the right steps to put on my body. I feel like I’m Sasha Fierce. Let me get my Sasha Fierce on because I feel great onstage.”

    Brandy has just releaed Two Eleven and a major part of that is doing concerts, which Brandy has missed. But giving credit, where credit is due, Brandy pointed that the audience is a big part of making a good performance great. Brandy thrives off of their energy, and it’s something that Brandy hasn’t had as much since she was shooting “The Game” while recording the album. Now that production on season 6 is a wrap, Brandy’s back on the road.

    “I don’t think I’ve experienced everything that I wanted with this album because I really haven’t been out on the road as much as I would like just to get the connection with my fans. When I get onstage, its not about going crazy, its about the love and I really feel that,” she said. “This is the most personal thing in my life, my music, and I just can’t wait to experience that because I become a different person on stage.

    She added, “I really need to get out here and experience the love that my fans have for me. With doing The Game, its taken away from that connection. Not that I’m glad its over–because I love ‘The Game’ and I love acting and all of that–but [performing] is where it is for me.”

    Originally “Skorpion Show” hosts Kevin and Makael were interviewing the too-cute crooner Luke James, who will be appearing in The Black Nativity alongside Angela Bassett, Forrest Whitaker, Tyrese Gibson and Mary J. Blige. As Brandy revealed, Mary actually won the role over her, but she’s not feeling bitter about it. In fact, she showed MJB some major love for landing a spot in the movie.

    “I auditioned for Black Nativity… moment of silence. I’m loving the fact that it’s Mary,” Brandy said. “I was like ‘Thank You Jesus’ because she killed it in that Coretta movie. I’m so happy for her to be crossing over into acting now is crazy! That’s a champion right there. I humbled myself for that.”

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