FBI files reveal Whitney Houston was blackmailed

    Whitney Houston

    Photo courtesy J Records

    More than a year after her death, shocking details about Whitney Houston’s private life continue to surface as the FBI has just released its 128-page report on the diva.

    The agency made the files public after several requests were submitted under the Freedom of Information Act. The report, which spanned 1988-1992, revealed that Whitney had been the victim of blackmail and extortion at the hands of woman that she believed to be her friend.

    In a copy of one letter from 1992 contained, the suspect demanded $100,000 from Whitney and stated that she knew details of the singer’s “private life.” She then increased the requested amount of cash to $250,000.

    It was not explicitly stated what the woman knew, but Whitney told agents that she had spoken with the woman about personal matters. The suspect later received a payout from Whitney’s father to keep the woman from broadcasting whatever it was that she was threatening to reveal.

    Not only that, but Whitney had also been stalked during this same period.

    The FBI documented one case where a fan had sent almost 70 letters to Whitney. The tone of correspondence went from fan mail filled with admiration to threatening messages. One such letter stated, “I might hurt someone with some crazy idea and not realize how stupid an idea it was until after it was done.”



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