Sheree Whitfield’s protective order not granted

    Sheree Whitfield

    Sheree Whitfield

    The verdict is in for former “RHOA” star Sheree Whitfield’s stalking court case battle against an Atlanta blogger, and it seems the “Who Gon’ Check Me, Boo” trademarker has indeed been checked.

    S2S covered the story last week when the reality star first filed for a “Petition for Stalking Temporary Protective Order” against blogger TamaraTattles for allegedly stalking her, trespassing on “Chateau Sheree” and taking photos without Sheree’s permission. Sheree initially asked for a 12-month stalking order of protection against Tamara Kay Brawner, but a Cobb County judge found no reason to grant a protective order.

    “The judge absolutely got this case correct by finding there was no evidence of stalking by my client,” Tamara’s attorney told “I hope that this matter can be laid to rest by all parties.”

    After the verdict was given, the writer took to her blog to give “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans a rundown of what happened in court.

    “I explained that I went to Chateau Sheree and took some pictures on one occasion. I testified that I had never seen Sheree anywhere ever; nor had I ever attempted to contact her in any way. I also explained I was given permission by the men in physical control of the site to enter the property. I also mentioned that Sheree does not own said property,” wrote Tamara. She went on to say that when it was Sheree’s turn to testify, the reality star told the judge that she was afraid for her life and that the blogger was parked outside of her home for numerous hours of the day and night. However, Tamara reported that Sheree was unable to provide a recollection of when Tamara threatened or harassed her.

    “She admitted that she was not the property owner…She said she was there almost every day with her children and they were afraid of me,” she wrote. According to Tamara, Sheree’s witness, Jason Lapene, who was said to be a website designer and real estate developer, testified that Sheree would call him very late at night crying and saying she was scared for her life.

    “One would think a police officer or 911 would be a better option if one was fearful. His testimony was very odd. It appeared that Sheree’s attorney called him to testify about her ‘fears,'” she wrote.

    So after hearing both sides of the story, the judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to support a stalking protective order, and Sheree’s request was denied. The two then agreed to stay away from each other.

    Tamara reported that Sheree has two more bloggers that she’s attempting to serve with protective orders for the same reason. It remains to be seen how those cases play out.

    “She must really like spending her days in the courtroom,” Tamara wrote.

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