Beyoncé gushes over Solange Knowles

    Solange Knowles

    Solange Knowles

    Even when they’re not on reality shows, many families let it be known that there’s a lot of drama all up and through their family trees, but not the Knowleses.

    Beyoncé, who has a mega career, daughter and hubby to look after, still makes time for her little sister Solange Knowles.

    When the younger performed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently, it was Beyoncé showed up with Jay-Z and to support Solange, who was performing a five-song set in front of about 500 guests.

    According to reports, Solange’s big sister was so full of pride that she “had to hold back tears.”

    Solange likely thanked her big sis in private, but she took the mic to thank her other guests.

    “Thank you MOMA, and everyone who came and rocked! That was so, so, fun. You guys were beautiful,” she said.



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