Tweet: ‘Oops’ single ‘was a mistake’


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    If she had had her way, Tweet may have never recorded one of the tracks she’s most known for: “Oops.”

    “Honestly, ‘Oops’ was a mistake. I never really said I’d want to do ‘Oops.’ I was riding in the car with Missy [Elliott], and she was playing some music that Timbaland did for her,” Tweet explained to “’Oops’ came on. I sung it and she was like, ‘let’s just re-record the record.’ They didn’t push me to do it, but it just stuck. So, I compromised a little bit on that first album.”

    It’s been more than 10 years since that single hit, and Tweet acknowledges that things have changed since she last released music, and she’s ready to introduce something new to music lovers.

    “The album is definitely going to happen,” assured Tweet who recently released her Simply Tweet EP to give fans “a little taste of what they would expect if they were to come to a concert or anything like that. I just wanted to do a special little treat because they’ve been waiting so long,” she said.

    “People are really responding positively and I’m excited about it. I’m kind of at a loss for words,” she said.

    Having worked with the eclectic Missy, Tweet said today’s music seems a bit monotonous in comparison.

    “When I first came out, music was just open to different types of music,” she said. “Right now, music for me is just on a one-track rollercoaster. I think we need to get back to where different types of artists and live instruments are appreciated.”

    While artists may be playing it safe and predictable where music is concerned, more and more are branching out into fashion, TV, film and other areas, creating individual brands. That’s something Tweet hopes to emulate.

    “I really want to do a show line or hate line. I love hats! I want to make stuff for people that aren’t necessary into red bottom shoes or anything like that,” she said. “It’s for people like me that like sneakers and jeans, a nice boot or whatever.”

    Whatever she does, Tweet said she’ll be authentic and certain to follow her own instincts, and that’s the advice to those aspiring to follow in her path.

    “Keep your artistry and your art number one. If you don’t want to do a country record, don’t do it. Just stay true to who you are and never stop,” she said.



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