Fantasia: ‘Jet’ used me as ‘the clown act’


    Photo courtesy Centric

    Fantasia Barrino revealed that all the recent controversy with Jet has made her feel like a fool, but she’s not going to let it slide.

    Fantasia didn’t think the picture made her look bad, but she wants  people to see wants people to see how far she has come since her days on “American Idol.”

    “It wasn’t for anyone but me. I worked so hard to get to where I am now. And I don’t want to take it back, I want to move forward,” Fantasia told Power 99 in Philadelphia. Once the singer saw the old-school Jet cover, she couldn’t let the magazine get away with thinking that it was okay with her.

    “It was almost like using me as the clown act. I’m not that girl anymore,” said Fantasia. “So I just wanted them to know, don’t take it back 10 years, when I’ve worked so hard and did a shoot for 10 hours, to show the new look with the new music, that’s all.”

    Now that Fantasia has had her say, she’s not holding any grudges against the magazine. In fact, she’d even be open to doing another interview with Jet.

    “I’m not upset or angry with them,” Fanny explained. “I just feel like if we’re all trying to move forward, and they’re asking me questions about the new look and the new sound, then use it. If it was too much for a shoot then we should have done a shoot with them.”

    What she is mad about, however, was the comments from Jet‘s Editor-In-Chief about having to write an apology for someone who “can’t even read.” She felt as though that editor tried to make her look dumb, and she wasn’t going to let the disrespect slide–especially not when she was hoping that she could empower other students that feel disconnected in school.

    “When I speak about my schooling, I was trying to reach out to all those young people who are going through some of the same situations that I went through,”  “I wasn’t saying I couldn’t read, but, I hate to read. But that has changed for me now, because one thing I do read is my contracts. Because I will not allow anybody to mess me up.”

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