Tamar’s not taking the blame

    Braxton Sisters

    Photo courtesy BET

    There seems to be a rift between the sisters on “Braxton Family Values” this season, but Tamar’s not taking responsibility for her part in it.

    Can we all just get along? Toni will be trying to make peace between her sisters when “Braxton Family Values returns for season 3 on Thursday night.

    Apparently, Tamar and Towanda were not getting along while taping season 3. It could be part of the reason viewers didn’t see too much of her (if anything) when “Tamar & Vince” debuted last year.

    In an attempt to fix the broken bonds, Toni goes to Tamar ‘s place to  see why they’re at odds. That task would be a lot easier if baby Braxton would sit down and finish her conversation with Toni and Miss Evelyn.

    Apparently groping people you don’t know is completely okay in Italy!

    While most people would be a little offended that some random person grabbed their butt, the sisters congratulated Traci on getting pinched. Taking it as a compliment, that little squeeze let Traci know that she’s still got it!

    Truth be told, Trina’s a little jealous that she didn’t get a pinch too!

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