Top 5 victims of Kenya Moore’s ‘Gone With the Wind Fabulous’ video

    KenyaFabulousSingleDebutLongFPSS.jpgKenya Moore is borrowing some of Beyoncé’s swag and shading Portia Stewart in her new music video for “Gone With The Wind Fabulous.”

    Kenya’s new video leaves us speechless! “Gone With  The Wind Fabulous” left a few victims behind. Here’s a rundown of who got dragged:

    1) Porsha Stewart
    Remember the moment that Kenya came up with her famous catchphrase? If not, she recapped it for viewers in the 90-second skit before actually getting to her  music.

    Kenya brought in drag queen Shangella of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame to play a mathematically challenged, slightly ignorant, illiterate version of Porsha. And while the football wife was flapping her lips, Kenya blew her away with a twirl!

    2) Phaedra Parks
    Kenya once again pulled out the fishnet dress and thong monokini while taking aim at Phaedra Parks. She wasn’t the one wearing it, though. No, the one donning the daring outfit to church was quite as fit as Phaedra, and we’re not quite sure that you’d call what she was dragging behind her a donkey booty.

    3) Walter Jackson
    We couldn’t quite figure out who the guy driving the bus was supposed to be, but then it became pretty obvious when he started reading Douche Bag magazine. Yep! Kenya reserved a little shade for ex-boyfriend Walter Jackson, whom she implies might be gay and packing like a vienna sausage!

    4) Beyoncé
    Kenya murdered Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”! And did you notice how she was carrying her dog covered in a blanket like Bey carried Blue Ivy when they went out in public?

    We’re sure it’s all love!  Afterall, people mistake her for Beyonce all the time. Anyway, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    5)  Kenya Moore
    Kenya clearly wasn’t taking herself too seriously in this video as she busted out some horrendous dance moves in her “Single Ladies” spoof. We won’t comment on the lip-synching.

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