Kandi sorry for speaking on Porsha’s marriage

    Kandi Burruss

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    After giving some unsolicited marriage advice to newbie cast mate Porsha Stewart, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss found herself biting her tongue and apologizing.

    Although she can’t rewrite the past, Kandi took to her blog on Bravotv.com and apologized to Porsha for speaking out about her marriage after a girls’ night out in Vegas. The ladies were en route to a night of fun at the strip club when Porsha decided not to attend because her hubby (and means of financial stability) Kordell would not approve. That left a sour taste in the mouths of the ladies who questioned whether Kordell was controlling his years-younger wife.

    “My mom always says you’re not supposed to speak about other people’s marriage unless they ask you to. Porsha did not ask me for advice, nor should she. I am not married YET, therefore I can’t say what Porsha should or should not do. I respect the fact she stood her ground,” Kandi wrote.

    But before refusing to go to the strip club, Porsha stated that she was happy that Kordell even allowed her go on the trip to Vegas, which raised an eyebrow for Kandi and the rest of the ladies as well. That’s when the all began to question her about her relationship with him, something Kandi regrets.

    “My situation is totally different than Porsha’s. I meant what I said about how I can’t relate to her situation, because it’s true that if you have to financially depend on your mate, then a lot of times that gives them more control,” she said.

    Kandi went on to say that just because someone has more control, it doesn’t always have to be considered a bad thing. After all, Porsha’s happily married, right?

    “I still wish her happiness and longevity in her marriage, and I hope she keeps doing what works for her. Maybe I need to be taking advice from her, since she is the married one,” she said.

    Watch a clip of the drama below.

    Kandi makes a good point. Is it ever okay to give unsolicited advice to someone about his or her marriage? Leave your comments below.

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