‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 3.12.13

    Consequence rehashed the complexion question of light skin vs. dark skin on Monday’s “Love & Hip Hop” and Lore’l does not appreciate it his position!

    Erica’s a cartoon

    Rich Dollaz’s mom, Jewel, is happy that he’s cutting ties with the volatile model. Jewel may not be too fond of Erica, but she doesn’t feel as though Rich is making the right move with giving Erica’s song to Olivia. She believes that Erica’s song could earn him a lot of money if he let her have it because people love wild characters.

    Rashidah confronts Raqi

    If you’ve got something to say about Rashidah, the shoe designer would prefer if you said it to her face. That or she’ll just have to hash it out when she sees you…wherever she sees you.

    Rashidah had it out with Raqi Thunda at a charity event over chatter that the aspiring radio host is spreading rumors about her. Things started off quiet enough, but when Raqi responded to Rah in a very flip manor, that set it off.
    Rah got loud first, but Raqi took it there when she made the rather vulgar accusation that she’s got a card scanner tucked in her nether regions and calling her a whore.

    We appreciate that one of Rah’s friends tried to pull her out of the fray because she was aware that it was a bad look.

    Consequence: Light skin is the right skin

    Most of the cast isn’t really too fond of Raqi Thunda, but Lore’l still thinks she’s cool. In fact, the rapper even went seeking Raqi’s advice on how to handle Consequence.

    What’s the confusion? Well, it rubbed Lore’l the wrong way that the producer wrote a verse stating that “light skin is the right skin.” Even though Lore’l passes the paperbag test, she’s not feeling the color comparisons.
    What are Raqi’s thoughts on the complexion competition, though?

    Joe visits Tahiry on the set

    Joe Budden may not have reneged on his offer to be on Tahiry’s track “Devil,” but he was Johnny on the spot when she shot the music video. When he arrived on the set, Tahiry was a little surprised because she had no idea he was coming through.

    This isn’t the first time that Joe has just popped up on Tahiry. We get that he feels they have the type of relationship where he can do that, but sometimes sending a text message might be a good idea. We can’t really back Tahiry’s assumption that Joe needs something from. It really looks like he was just trying to show her some support. There was likely not an ulterior motive behind the visit.

    Side note: we notice Jennifer Williams’ new man Cisco directing Tahiry’s new video. There was no way to miss him and that ginormous chain around his neck. Jen, we’re gonna need you to help style your boo.

    Hey, Olivia!

    After weeks of being absent from “Love & Hip Hop,” Olivia returned just in time to pretty much kill Erica’s song “Where Do I Go From Here.” Although the track does not require a good voice to sound decent, a great voice really makes it shine.

    It was good to see Olivia pop back in! Unfortunately, she didn’t get to stick around very long as Erica showed up and caught Oliva and Rich playing back Olivia’s version of the record.

    Erica wakes up

    Erica couldn’t believe that Rich gave her song to Olivia. For her it was a wakeup call that she can’t trust him the way that she needs to do. On the other hand, Rich isn’t asking for anything terribly unreasonable when he keeps urging her to sign an official management contract with him.

    However, Erica pointed to her past as her initial hesitation on locking things down with Rich. But the most recent move he pulled has confirmed that she should not sign on the dotted line.


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