Porsha Stewart ‘confused’ about husband’s control

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    Porsha Stewart admits she’s a bit confused after hearing her co-stars’ opinions about her marriage, and hubby Kordell isn’t offering much clarity.

    On the latest episode, the ladies traveled to Las Vegas for a girls’ weekend, and that, of course, included a trip to the strip club. Everyone was ready to make it rain, except for Porsha who decided to bail on the evening’s events.

    While Porsha is as free as anyone to choose where she goes and when, her decision to avoid the strip club raised concerns for her co-stars who weren’t certain whether Porsha’s refusal to go was based on her own preferences or what she thought her husband would allow.

    “Once we were in the limo, Porsha said loud and clear that Kordell would NOT be happy if she went to a strip club and the he had already LET her go from Cali to LA!” wrote NeNe Leakes in her most-recent “RHOA” blog.

    For her cast mates, those comments raised a flag (that was already at half-staff) and caused them to again question whether Kordell controls his wife.

    Porsha later explained that it was her choice not to go to the strip club, but that didn’t convince her co-stars that her decision not to go was really based on what she wanted.

    In the past, Porsha has defended her husband’s tone and seemingly authoritative behavior towards her; however, she’s a little less certain of their dynamic these days.

    “I feel a little confused about what we want and where we’re going. He is in control of what his vision is for our family, but he does not control my actions or what I want,” Porsha says in Sunday’s upcoming issue. “It’s a marriage. We’re a team.”

    Though they’re a team, Kordell clarified that he’s “in control,” and it seems he’s putting his foot down when it comes to the couple having children. While Porsha is ready and hoping to share her mothering duties with a nanny, Kordell doesn’t think they should have kids until Porsha has time to care for her children without hired help.

    “It’s really been sticking with me,” said Porsha about the concerns her co-stars expressed.

    Get a preview of the upcoming episode. Watch.

    See tweets from Kordell and Porsha below.
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