VIDEO: Fight breaks out at ‘Love & Hip Hop’ reunion

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    The season 3 reunion of “Love & Hip Hop” turned into a boxing match as Consequence swung on Joe Budden. Take a look!

    Apparently Joe must have rubbed Cons the wrong way when the cast got together to recap the season at NEP Penn Studios in Manhattan last night. According, the pair got into a fight during a break in taping.

    It’s not clear exactly why Joe and Cons were at odds last night, but reportedly the producer went after the rapper first. There’s word that Cons was mad about something that Joe had said at the reunion and told different reporters. Fuming from the chatter, Consequence walked up behind Joe during a commerical break and punched him in the back of the head before running off.

    Like any good “friend” (more on that later), Tahiry didn’t let Cons get way with the smack and got in a lick of her by mashing his head before he got too far away. The pair have already gotten into once off camera as Joe rolled up on Consequence at Hot 97 earlier this year.

    Joe tweeted that the whole thing went down while he and Tahiry were on their to take a cigarette break. “During break Tahiry & I were headed outside to smoke…Dude came behind, jumped & hit me as I’m walking away, Tahiry snuffs him, he runs…” Joe revealed. “It was the most p*ssy display ever seen from a n*gga to be quite honest…& it’s all on tape.”

    Even though security broke them up the first time, the fight didn’t end there. The two were later caught fighting in the street and security had to pull them apart again as Jen “The Pen” Bayer could be heard screaming from her vehicle.

    “I’m calling the cops on you, you f*cking p*ssy!” she shouted in the video below.

    Later, Joe gave a blow-by-blow of the whole confrontation to Hot97. “I honestly thought that this was a woman doing this,” Joe told Angie Martinez of the fight, adding that he was calling her from heavily monitored space during a break in filming. “I’m in a room with security standing all outside the door.”

    But there was some good news as two of the ladies announced their engagement last night during taping. As producers hinted Monday on “Love & Hip Hop,” Yandy Smith revealed that she and boyfriend Mendeecees Harris plan on getting married.

    Who’s the other bride to be? Fans of the show will just have to wait and see.

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