‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 3.15.13

    Evelyn, Tamar, Traci, Toni, Trina and Towanda Braxton, Braxtons Family Values

    Evelyn, Tamar, Traci, Toni, Trina and Towanda Braxton all return for season 3 of WE tv’s “Braxton Family Values.”

    The Braxtons have finally returned to WE tv, and oh how we missed them! While we loved the entire episode, here are our top 3 moments from the season premiere of “Braxton Family Values.”

    1. The Braxtons go to Italy

    Instead of waiting a couple of episodes into the cycle, the Braxtons started off season 3 with a birthday trip to Italy. But one of the sisters was noticably missing from the overseas adventure as Tamar let Toni know up front that she couldn’t make since her single “Love & War” had just taken off.

    The girls had a good time with or without Tamar, though! Who wouldn’t love visiting a country where you can do some luxury shopping and get your booty grabbed all in the same neighborhood?!

    2. Tamar and Vince get flirty backstage

    Although Tamar would have loved to go to Itality with her sisters, she had a few commitments to take care of stateside.  A special performance on “The Wendy Williams Show” was up first for Tamar, who had a little fun with her hubby Vincent Herbert backstage.

    We get why Towanda, Trina and Traci were a little upset that she couldn’t come along. But to be fair, Tamar had just dropped the single only days before Toni told her about the trip and she was at the beginning of a promotional tour.

    3. Toni confronts Tamar

    Like any good sister will do, they will get both sides of the story before they tell you you’re wrong. That’s all Toni was trying to do when she droppd by Tamar’s place when she returned from Italy. Unfortunately, Tamar didn’t seem to interested in taking any of the blame in the most recent Braxton sister beef…mainly because she was not aware there was a problem. Are the sister’s being a little too hard on Tamar?

    Also, we love that mama Braxton was just onhand for the sisterly argument to mediate!

    To see the entire season 3 premiere, click here!



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