Oprah reacts to Terrence Howard’s ‘tig ol’ bitties’ remark

    OprahWinfreyFPSS.jpgSome were shocked and appalled by Terrence Howard’s recent comments about Oprah Winfrey’s physical attributes, but her reaction may be the bigger surprise.

    The OWN founder/actress told Steve Harvey that her friends called to let her know that Terrence had gushed about her “tig ol’ bitties,” which he apparently got close to while filming scenes for their upcoming movie, The Butler.

    “To be able to make out with Oprah, to have love scenes with her and those tig ol’ bitties — she’s such a lovely and voluptuous woman. … She’s very, very, very beautiful, and that was wonderful,” Terrence told Movie Fanatic.

    Steve, who interviewed Oprah for an upcoming episode of his talk show, said he’d advised Terrence to think twice about making such statements again.

    “You gonna mess your whole life up, son. This ain’t who you want to play with,” Steve said he warned Terrence.

    While some were obviously offended, Oprah’s a realist and couldn’t exactly blame Terrence for calling things as he saw them.

“I do have big breasteses,” said Oprah, who implied that Terrence may have been distracted by her physique.

    “It was supposed to be a little scene, but because Terrence Howard misbehaved, it turned into a bigger scene.” she explained. “He’s a misbehaving kinda boy.”

    Watch a clip from Steve’s show below.

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