Tamar Braxton shades Nicki Minaj, reveals cravings

    Braxtons Do Anderson Live

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    Tamar Braxton blasted Nicki Minaj for running late and opened up about her top pregnancy craving on “Anderson Live”!

    Tamar, like many could not believe that Nicki showed up later to the first live taping of “American Idol” earlier this week. Showing up 13 minutes into the show and missing the first performance, Nicki tweeted that she was stuck in traffic.

    Mariah was pulling some classicly shady faces when Ryan Seacrest sat with the judges to ask where Nicki was. When the rapper showed up she was wearing shades and offered no onair explanation about what had happened to her. In Tamar’s opinion, it was not a good look.

    “All I know is if Mariah is on time, and J.Lo was never late, you don’t be late!” Tamar stated, adding that there’s no way that Nicki didn’t know when she had to be in her seat and ready to critique.”You know, ‘American Idol’ has started the same time for 10 years. I’m just saying.”

    She continued, “You don’t be late. It’s live television. Period.

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    Of course while she there, Tamar also got up to show off her baby bump before sharing some of the challenges of pregnancy.

    “Not only do I have cravings, but I get the chills,” Tamar said, confessing that she was actually sitting on seat warmers to keep her booty toasty. “I need a lot of help.”

    Like many pregnant women, she’s got a taste for very specific and odd things. So what is Tamar most often snacking on these days? “I do have a lot of food cravings, but my favorite right now is potato chips and cheddar cheese,” said Tamar noting that she prefers sharp cheddar.

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    Then Tamar brought out her sisters to explain the origins of their harmonization. Evelyn Braxton has already revealed that she first heard her daughters singing together when Tamar ran out of the toilet tissue, but yesterday was the first time they performed it live for an audience.

    Check ‘em out!

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