Tamar Braxton: ‘I’m in my last trimester’

    Vince Herbert and Tamar Braxton


    Tamar Braxton’s bundle of joy may be here before the end of summer!

    “I only have a few months to go,” she told US Weekly. “I’m in my last trimester.”

    How Tamar, who stars in two reality series, managed to keep her pregnancy a secret from fans and the media for six months is anybody’s guess, and she’s still keeping things under wraps.

    Will it be a boy or girl? She’s not telling.

    “We know. You don’t! You have to wait,” said Tamar, who assured fans that “Braxton Family Values” viewers will know soon enough.

    “You’ll find out on ‘Braxton Family Values.’ I don’t want to spoil it,” she said. Season 3 of the hit WE tv series premiered Thursday.

    Tamar, the youngest of the sisters, is the last to have children, so she’s getting plenty of advice, especially from one sister in particular.

    “Toni Braxton. Toni Braxton’s been doing #TeamTooMuch…checking out my shoes and everything,” Tamar told reporters at the season 3 launch party in New York.

    Though Tamar’s been busy promoting her shoes and new music, she said she’s excited about spending quality time with the loves of her life when the baby comes.

    “I’m looking forward to family time with just Vince and I and the baby and just growing up all three of us together,” she said.

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