Brandy bringing her wedding to TV?

    Brandy & Ryan Press

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    Will VH1 cameras be following Brandy down the aisle when she weds Ryan Press?

    There are whispers that Brandy may be broadcasting her big day. Sources supposedly told that, in the tradition of “LaLa’s Full Court Wedding” and “Marrying The Game,” Brandy will be sharing her nuptials on VH1.

    If the rumors are to be believed, VH1 cameras will follow Brandy and Ryan as they plan their wedding, which will also be televised. Although the “Wildest Dreams” singer and her hubby to be can easily afford a lavish ceremony on their own, VH1 might be footing the bill on this bash.

    This would not be the first time that Brandy shared an intimate part of her life with the world. MTV followed her in 2002 during the last weeks of her pregnancy while carrying her daughter Syrai.

    Neither Brandy nor Ryan have commented on the gossip at this time, but she did tell that this is the first time that she could really see herself getting hitched to anyone. And she already knows how she wants to wear her hair for the simple nuptials.

    “I don’t know a lot of wedding details. I have started to plan,” Brandy assured. “I can definitely say that when my fiancé asked me to marry him, I started to envision what my wedding would be like and that has never happened before for me.”

    She added, “I do see my hair in a braid, like a big huge french braid. Braided inwards not outwards. I don’t want no big braid on top, I want it going inwards with a nice flower and that’s all I’ll have.”

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